The Venture Bros., Season 2

The Venture Bros., Season 2

The Venture Bros.

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2006-06-25
  • Advisory Rating: TV-MA
  • Episodes: 13
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99


The Venture brothers are two all-American teens who spend most of their time hopping from one adventure to the next. Along with their caustic and self-centered father, Dr. Venture, the boys have the uber-spy Brock Samson to protect them. Beset on all sides, the Venture brothers do all they can just to make it out alive!


Title Time Price
1 Powerless In the Face of Death 22:52 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
2 Hate Floats 22:44 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
3 Assassinanny 911 22:38 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
4 Escape to the House of Mummies, Pt. 2 22:38 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
5 Twenty Years to Midnight 22:41 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
6 Victor Echo November 22:41 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
7 Love-Bheits 22:38 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
8 Fallen Arches 22:42 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
9 Guess Who's Coming to State Dinner? 22:47 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
10 I Know Why the Caged Bird Kills 22:38 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
11 ¡Viva los Muertos! 22:41 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
12 Showdown At Cremation Creek, Pt. 1 22:41 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
13 Showdown At Cremation Creek, Pt. 2 22:45 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes


  • Great show, terrible quality

    By invalid.instruction
    Fantastic premise, and very funny, I'd give it 5 stars except that these episodes have to be some of the worst quality video I've gotten off iTunes (ever). Somebody used the wrong settings somewhere.
  • The Venture Bros. Season 2 Review

    By Ripley Clone 8
    The Venture Bros. Season 2 is once again a great season. Season 1 and 2 are great and I highly reccomend both. Season 2 was humorous, entertaining, and animationally action-packed. I can't wait to purchase Season 3. If you have seen The Venture Bros. Season 1 and thought it was great you should definetally purchase this season right away. Its equally as good as season 1 and I highly reccomend it. You won't be dissapointed with Season 2.
  • damn you itunes

    By fiendish_elf
    it's missing an episode and they are not all in order...
  • Praise and a question

    By condor plays timps
    First off, this is one of my favorite shows out there, spanning the genre of humor from witty to extremely low-brow. that said, any one know the name of the song playing at the opening of "powerless in the face of death"?
  • OMG

    By os1132
    This show has made my laugh so hard that all I can say is thank the Lord I was not drinking milk.
  • Where is season 3???

    By Bucephelus
    Where is season 3??? Come on iTunes lets get on the ball and get the episodes out.
  • Venture Bros rock

    By DNPike
    Every single episode of the Venture Brothers is awesome. The guys who created this show put their all into this show and it shows in the quality of the stories. I really think that this show will only get better with time and i couldn't be happier that the third season has finally begun!!!
  • Brock Samson...against which all are measured!

    By wjo198
    "My father spoke of you as a god, you did not disappoint" Brock Samson is but one of the characters in the Venture Bros that make it all worthwhile! The series takes a little while to get into, but once you're hooked (and if you get even half of the pop culture references targeted primarily at 30-something American males), you're hooked forever. Brock is a combination of Doc Savage, Nick Fury, Race Bannon, Starsky and Hutch and a little bit of every other testosterone laden, flag waiving, red blooded super secret agent out there. Come for the cartoon escapism, stay for the Brock! Season 3 is showing now on Adult Swim, let's see the season pass option iTunes!
  • There is no equal to the Venture Bros. Series

    By Badboo
    I find the mental gyrations relaxing and over the years I have found out that I can de-stress while watching the show reflecting on the universe. Scary part is that I have been using the series for an inspiration and I work for the Government, keep an "eye" out for some of the brilliant ideas, because we love them.
  • Clever, Disgusting and Absolutely Amazing!!!

    By TillmanHome
    This show is one of the best shows, animated or otherwise, that I have ever seen. It can be quite disgusting sometimes so if that bothers you then you may want to try something else. But I love it. My two favorite episodes from Season 2 are "Love-Bheits" and "Viva los Muertos!" If you like Star Wars at all then you will love "Love-Bheits!" If you like Scooby Doo (and who doesn't like the original Scooby Doo?!) then you will love "Viva los Muertos!" If you don't offend easily or if you enjoy being offended then get this show immediately!