Barbie In a Christmas Carol

Barbie In a Christmas Carol

By William Lau

  • Genre: Kids & Family
  • Release Date: 2008-11-04
  • Advisory Rating: NR
  • Runtime: 1h 20min
  • Director: William Lau
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99


Barbie™ in A Christmas Carol is a heart-warming adaptation of the classic Dickens story filled with cherished Christmas carols, fabulous fashions and lots of laughs! The tale stars Barbie™ as Eden Starling™ the glamorous singing diva of a theatre in Victorian London. Along with her snooty cat, Chuzzlewit, Eden selfishly plans to make all the theatre performers stay and rehearse on Christmas Day! Not even Eden's costume designer and childhood friend, Catherine can talk Eden out of her self-centered tantrum. It's up to three very unusual Christmas Spirits to take Eden on a fantastical holiday journey that will open her heart to the spirit of the season and the joy of giving. Barbie™ in A Christmas Carol is a family favorite to enjoy every holiday season!


  • Haven't seen it yet

    By Cutefunnygirl!!!
    I haven't seen it YET, but I did when I was little, my memories of it are good, so… I rate it 5 stars, just in memory, I rate it 5 stars!!!😋
  • Amazing

    By Tanyannette
    I like Christmas past best!!!!!! I love Barbie movies
  • Ohhhhhhh

    By I am mean
  • Surprisingly cool

    By Raaaawrrrrr
    This movie rules! Seriously, if you HAVE to sit down and watch a Barbie movie with your kids, make it this one or The Princess and the Pauper.
  • wow

    By SNOangel99
    i didn't expect much of this movie but it exceed my expectations i loved it! great kids film
  • It's so sweet!!!!!!

    By Carly21317
    My sister loved......I did to.
  • Nice

    By barbie dress
    really cute movie... me and all of my cousins love to watch them .. especially this one .. Barbie's dresses are amazing ... wonder if people actually make those .. lol
  • Well, this is a new twist on Barbie!

    By Mythel
    I've never seen the main character (portrayed by her) be unrelentingly selfish and petty, but then, she's supposed to be a female Ebenezer Scrooge, so it fits. In this one, Eden Starling (Barbie) is an opera-singing diva, who is so caught up in being a sensation that she even wants to work through Christmas to make it - even if it means forcing the hired help to practice with her. Like Scrooge, she denies them (and even her very best friend) their Christmas holiday. Also like Scrooge, she is visited by Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and a not-quite-as-creepy Christmas Future. While travelling through time, she finds out how her selfish motives and bad behavior caught up with her - and even influenced her best friend. This one was actually pretty good for one of the newer Barbie movies. The storyline was kept very close to the original, but still had that lovely Barbie-twist to it. The Christmas music was very good and well-done. The orphanage's rendition of "Joy to the World" is so pretty. I just wish that we had a children's choir to do it come this Christmas! It's funny though, the usual Barbie theme wasn't quite here - you know, the "Believe in yourself, and always keep reaching for your dreams" type-theme. Eden was no longer reaching for a dream, she had reached it, and had been negatively pushed to reach it by her Aunt Marie ("In a selfish world, the selfish succeed. And to reach your dream, you must spend every second of your time selfishly!"). As a result, she becomes rather awful, but then is gradually shown how it's a bad thing to be selfish. She changes, like Scrooge, in the end, and becomes kind and good again. However, I do have my own little objections to it as well. Eden Starling is crazy-thin (Barbie's gotten skinnier over the last few movies, but she's REALLY skinny on this one. She'd break if she bent over) and Barbie herself is wearing a dress that is cut way, wayyy down - almost to her bellybutton - which I think is a shame, since Barbie has usually been pretty good in this respect. Other than that, I would definitely rate this up with some of the older Barbie movies, and I give it (overall) a thumbs-up! ~Mythel
  • Cute

    By asdfjghkjl
    Best of the Barbie movies i have seen! Really cute!
  • Best of the Barbie movies

    By CiscoSD
    Very well done. Nice adaptation. The characters are actually developed and are likable. The only annoying thing is the little girl that Barbie is telling the story to. Too bad none of the other Barbie movies are this good.