Working Girl

Working Girl

By Mike Nichols

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 1988-12-26
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 53min
  • Director: Mike Nichols
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99


Nominated for 6 Academy Awards; director Mike Nichols' witty, romantic look at life in the corporate jungle stars Melanie Griffith as Tess McGill, an ambitious secretary with a unique approach for climbing the ladder to success. When her classy, but villainous boss (Sigourney Weaver) breaks a leg skiing, Tess takes over her office, her apartment, and even her wardrobe. She then creates a deal with a handsome investment banker (Harrison Ford) that will either take her straight to the top - or finish her off for good.


  • Movie for class

    By Matt123456789101112131415
    Taking an English course and the professor is huge on fairty tales, as the course is structured after them. As a guy I would have never seen myself watch this movie but I don't regret it at all now! spectacular movie to say the least.
  • Bland

    By Froggleep
    I have to say that none of the acting in this film was well done; average at best. The story is predictable. Nothing horribly wrong, nothing worth getting excited over.
  • Working Girl

    By morandifam
    One of my favorite movies ever! As a former secretary-Admin Assistant, I could totally relate to Melanie Griffiths character. Sigourney Weaver plays a great b*tch boss who you love to hate. Harrison Ford is cute & very likable. Kind of sad to see the Twin Towers. Glad to see you can buy the movie now.
  • Don't rent, buy or you will regret it!

    By marwaqar
    The best representation of the 80's that can be found. A beautiful film featuring Harrison Ford and Melanie Griffith in their PRIME. Absolutely do not rent it!! You'll be dying to see it again!! It's a must-buy for any Ford fans out there! A beautiful depiction of the woman's underdog story within Wallstreet! I wish I could give this more than five stars, forever a favorite!
  • Great flick!

    By Mail_debaser
    I remember seeing this in the theater, think I still own the VHS! Always good for a big big smile, this is a must own. For the folks having trouble buying it, scroll to the bottom, and hit the standard definition bar. You'll then see an option to buy or rent.
  • "A lift the spirit movie"

    By Burboojas
    I am from that time, everytime I got down I played my old VHS tape. (I still have it) On those days women got down a lot at work by unsensitive man and women for that matter. This movie was the projectile to a lot of women to be ahead of themselvs. great movie will buy again.
  • Good movie

    By KC36
    I love this movie. So glad this is on iTunes .
  • Quintessential '80s film

    By The_Banshee_of_Bop
    This romantic comedy takes me back to when I was as young as Melanie Griffiths' character Tess, when women had big hair, and men wore power ties, and making deals was the name of the game. It has one of the best opening credits I've ever seen. Look for a young pre-"Usual Suspects" Kevin Spacey as an oafish arbitrageur, and Joan Cusack as Tess's best friend; they are both memorable in supporting roles.
  • Great Comedy And An Oscar Nominated Cast

    By rickbbb
    We want the good guys to come out on top in this comedic film.This was about a corporate secretary who deals with the demands of her very aggressive female boss played by Sigourney Weaver who was nomnated for a best supporting actress Academy Award for this film.She's great and nasty in this.And she should of won an Oscar for her role.Melanie Griffith (nominated for a best actress Oscar in this)plays Tess a secretary who becomes assertive and will do whatever she can to help her boss.....which kind of blows up in her face. Harrison Ford plays a romantic interest in a couple ladies lives.Which lady will win his heart? The hillarious actress Joan Cusak (also oscar nominated for this movie) is the perfect side kick for Melanie Griffiths Tess,she plays her co-worker and best friend. Carly Simon sings the Oscar winning song in this film.Song is called "Let The River Run". The movie takes place in New York City.Beautiful visual footage of NYC.I loved this movie. Buy it.You won't waste what you spend.
  • Great film

    By Blade7
    This is definitely a great film. I do like renting the movies, but they should be available for purchase. You can purchase this one at another website that is legal (I won't name the site, but it recently merged with a major video rental store that starts with a "B"). So if you can there, why isn't it available on iTunes for purchase??? I don't get it.