By Ti West

  • Genre: Horror
  • Release Date: 2022-03-18
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 46min
  • Director: Ti West
  • iTunes Price: USD 19.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 5.99


A group of actors set out to make an adult film in rural Texas under the noses of their reclusive hosts—an elderly couple with a farm and boarding house for rent. But when the couple catches their young guests in the act, the cast finds themselves in a desperate fight for their lives in this tantalizing slasher from writer-director Ti West.


  • Loved

    By 19821985!!!!
    This Director is one of my favorite Directors!! The film has that great grind house feel plus love how he took it back to the 70’s where the way films where shot looked amazing.
  • 0 stars option, please.

    By Gut Cramper
    Seriously, what was the point of this movie? We rented it based on the abundance of positive reviews…..this movie is a sad excuse for a horror. The true horror is that we lost 2 hours of our lives that we will never get back. Come on guys, a little nudity and a half baked story line just won’t cut it. Easily one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.
  • Good idea

    By Oil92
    It’s a good idea but could have been so much better if the story was fleshed out a bit. I still enjoyed it for a hack and slash horror and the good acting.
  • Pretty Good

    By AliP9678
    It was different, that’s for sure. It’s probably something you’d watch only once. Reminds me of Texas Chainsaw Massacre but with less gore. Creepy, too.
  • Don’t Waste Your Time

    By JayRad09
    I was so stoked to watch this movie… I’m upset I watched it all the way to the end. This movie made me very uncomfortable.
  • Spoiler: Typical slasher movie with a sick twist

    By Rink333
    Overall typical slasher movie, a bunch of hot chicks and dudes getting it on followed by them getting killed one by one except (which I loved)… then enters a really creepy disgusting uncomfortable old lady touching….🤢followed by her and her old husband getting it on inappropriately and then killing young adults 40 years younger than them??? What in the I can’t unsee it 🤮now
  • Disturbing, not scary.

    By Callie_C
    First time reviewing a movie on here, but hopefully it will save someone else from watching this terrible movie. We couldn’t even finish watching it.
  • Excellent!!!

    By aaronr
    I love horror films and this was a seriously good one. Sure, they're all a little predictable. But the old folks (actually played by very young actors) were pretty entertaining. The poor old woman just wanting to get laid!!!! Kind of embarrassing, but...... I read a lot of the reviews (even the bad ones) and rented it anyways and glad I did.
  • Different

    It’s not your usual horror slasher movie like Scream. I thought that it had a decent plot. A very different kind.
  • Feels like filler

    By pluralMonad
    Nothing unique about this predictable (although decently well acted) movie. The cover art is the best part.