Old Henry

Old Henry

By Potsy Ponciroli

  • Genre: Western
  • Release Date: 2021-10-01
  • Advisory Rating: NR
  • Runtime: 1h 38min
  • Director: Potsy Ponciroli
  • iTunes Price: USD 3.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99


A widowed farmer (Tim Blake Nelson) and his son take in a mysterious, injured man with a satchel of cash. When a posse of men claiming to be the law come for the money, the farmer must decide who to trust. Defending a siege of his homestead, the farmer reveals a talent for gunslinging that surprises everyone calling his true identity into question. “Old Henry is the best revisionist Western since Unforgiven.” (Kaveh Jalinous, Under The Radar)


  • so..

    By AKbrain
    you started with the first 10 pages of No Country for Old Men and then called it yours? Great film, though.
  • Great Western

    By dvdcadd
    The movie was terrific. If you like westerns this is a must watch
  • A very good western story

    By knuck55
    I have to say that this was a very good story and it seem like more of an authentic western to me. It is not a typical Hollywood film, so don’t be overly critical and enjoy the movie.
  • Not a western, but a tribute!

    By grnflash
    If you squint long enough, you might start to look like the titular character. But you also might start to see an original spin on the Old-West drama that may be the best in a decade. This is not a Michael Bay testosterone flick, and, out of generosity, I’ll call the pace “considered”—but it serves-up tension so subtly, that as you’re drawn into Henry’s story, it starts to feel like a half-thriller in a manner reminiscent of that frontier-masterpiece, “Unforgiven.” Yes… some of the plot lines are predictable… but if you’re watching a Western without expecting at least a little of this, you’re off-genre. Instead, Old Henry offers you a new, slightly unexpected, way to connect to the myth of the frontier and the outlaw, and does so without ever over-reaching or underselling the idea.
  • Great western

    By adamdunz37
    Started off little slow but definitely met my expectations through out. I love the surprise in the end. Rent or buy you won’t be disappointed.
  • Enjoyed

    By firestorm2121
    It was a good surprise.
  • Old Henry

    By Mirth is King
    Fine acting,direction and film.
  • Incredible Movie

    By Rhinoman200323
    Amazing performance by Tim Blake Nelson, and what a story. Top 5 favorite movies of all time!
  • Slow Henry

    By Gorn Star
    Drawn by the many glowing reviews, we ended up wondering if all the reviews are fake. This is a slow, predictable, grind to a boring, predictable ending. Son, I am disappoint.
  • 2 Thumbs Up!!!

    By Loaf Pincher
    I really enjoyed this movie. Nice to see that they can still make good western movies. It’s not on the same level as The Wild Bunch or High Plains Drifter, but I’d put this up there with Open Range and Tombstone. Even my wife who hates westerns liked this film.