Anthropocene: The Human Epoch

Anthropocene: The Human Epoch

By Jennifer Baichwal, Nicholas De Pencier & Edward Burtynsky

  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release Date: 2019-12-24
  • Advisory Rating: Unrated
  • Runtime: 1h 26min
  • Director: Jennifer Baichwal, Nicholas De Pencier & Edward Burtynsky
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99


A stunning sensory experience and cinematic meditation on humanity’s massive re-engineering of the planet, Anthropocene: The Human Epoch is a years-in-the-making feature documentary from the award-winning team behind Manufactured Landscapes (2006) and Watermark (2013). Narrated by Alicia Vikander, the film follows the research of an international body of scientists, the Anthropocene Working Group, who, after nearly 10 years of research, argue that the Holocene Epoch gave way to the Anthropocene Epoch in the mid-twentieth century as a result of profound and lasting human changes to the Earth. From concrete seawalls in China that now cover 60% of the mainland coast, to the biggest terrestrial machines ever built in Germany, to psychedelic potash mines in Russia’s Ural Mountains, to metal festivals in the closed city of Norilsk, to the devastated Great Barrier Reef in Australia and massive marble quarries in Carrara, the filmmakers have traversed the globe using state-of-the-art camera techniques to document the evidence and experience of human planetary domination. At the intersection of art and science, Anthropocene: The Human Epoch witnesses a critical moment in geological history — bringing a provocative and unforgettable experience of our species's breadth and impact.


  • Narrator makes herself look a bit ill-informed.

    By mkpotato
    Surely someone should have pointed out that it’s “Lay-gos” rather than “Lar-gos”. Clearly the research was a little sketchy! Lovely videography though.
  • pretty pictures no content

    By John II of Aragón
    Sorry but if you are trying to give a message of urgency you are looking in the wrong direction Holluywood. If hollywood wanted to make a significant picture onthe damage made by humans then the Hollywood types need to turn their cameras on themselves and their kind, not this empty propaganda. We all know where the culprits of disaster live, in Hollwywood, New York, and the middle east.
  • Boo hoo

    By 420timekeeper
    Just shut the hell up with your bogus green deal propaganda. Relentless idiots.
  • Stunning film.

    By vgdsrggt
    Stunning film. This video doesn’t need commentary. The imagery speaks for itself. I found some of the clips haunting. I asked others to watch this film so we could talk about it. It’s been on my mind as I read about so many current events. Once you see these images you can’t unsee it.
  • more research needed

    By envl teacher
    lovely camera work on massively important issues - but no real thread or story. Instead a loose collections of scenarios organized by concepts that seem not fully understood. needed more research
  • Great Film on All Levels

    By jayt1907
    Very eye opening as to the scale of human impact on the planet that often goes unnoticed. Beautifully shot and essential viewing at this time in history. Don’t miss it!
  • Beautiful Images, poor story/narration

    By opinionated af
    The imagery is outstanding and shocking, but good luck figuring out what you are looking at. No subtitles for the many non-English interviews that were not translated. Could have been a little shorter. Really lacked a story with a the images, but didn’t learn much.